Why the big companies with super convenient prices require mandatorily a credit card as a guarantee?

This is a question that nobody asks to himself, but that we offer to you with the related answer.

All the rental agencies have deductibles on their vehicles (that means that he client is not covered and is responsible in case of damages or theft). Not everybody notices the deductibles applied by these agencies, sometimes even of about 2000,00 € for a segment B car (such as a Fiat Panda). What does it mean? Easy, you rent a car also at 15,00 € / day but with up to 2000,00 € of deductibles regarding damages, so that even a small scratch on the bumper will not be cheap! Why? Because they have your credit card and can easily take huge amounts from your card, even for minimal damage. Therefore, you will have to decide for your own bank account, you have been already warned with our transparency!

Here are a few examples

On 13/01/2017 we have gained a quotation for 1 vehicle from 05/06/2017 to 11/06/2017 at Catania Airport on a well-known and very used international broker. The quotation below is the first one and the most convenient among all the proposals, but…

Here is the thing about which we wanted to talk. You will not find soon this page, after having selected the low-cost vehicle, but you can visit this page only clicking on it. Are you wondering why they tend not to show this page soon? The answer is obvious: in this page the risk of the customer is showed. It amounts to 1200,00€ for an A segment vehicle (while we have only 750,00€ of deductibles for this category of vehicle). In short, you can risk a large amount of money for a small scratch, just thinking to save money! The rental agency can easily take the money from your credit card that you have left as guarantee. Well, about this we would like to show you more…

As you can see, they accept only credit cards, so if on the pickup date you go to their offices without a credit card registered to the driver, you will lose your security deposit and will be left without a vehicle. We, instead, accept any method of payment!

For further information, consult our rental conditions, with the tariffs, the insurance coverages and our methods of payment.