Lido di Noto is a small hamlet of Noto, located in the South-East of Sicily. This particular area of the island is one of the most popular tourist destinations, thanks both for the excellent quality of the sea, transparent and limpid, and for the territory which presents many attractions to be visited, such as archaeological sites and historic towns among the most important ones in Italy.

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Lido di Noto, the characteristic and genuine Sicily

The name of Noto is famous thanks to its numerous beaches, Lido di Noto is the destination for tourists from all over the world.

The quality of its beach, with a white and fine sand, is comparable to that of any Caribbean island; it is ideal for the families who want to live their stay in a quiet place.

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Noto, Marzameni, Vendicari, Cittadella, Portopalo di Capo Passero in the South, while in the North you can find Syracuse, Avola, Fontane Bianche and many other towns and fishing villages, which can amaze any visitors.

The surroundings of Lido di Noto with a rental car

Lido di Noto is a perfect starting point to visit the many attractions in the Val di Noto. If you go ahead towards the North, for example, you can stop in Avola, entirely destroyed by the earthquake in the past, and, today, a splendid town rebuilt in Baroque style.

Moreover, there are many beaches that follow one another along the coastline, completely immersed into the nature, that presents itself sometimes as wild, hidden and protected from the mass tourism. The nature is still the protagonist of the faunistic reserve of Vendicari, one of the most visited place of the entire Sicily, where you can observe the route of the migratory birds.

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