Marzameni is a seaside location in the municipality of Pachino, at about 20 km from Noto city; located in the province of Syracuse, it is famous for the Baroque style by which it is characterised.

An establishment for the processing of tuna, the tonnara, have been in Marzameni since 1912 and the main activity of the city is, indeed, fishery. But, in addition to the activities of fishery and processing of tuna – that is the most profitable activity; red tuna and bottarga, processed in compliance with ancient and traditional drying methods, are the typical food of this place – Marzameni is famous for the wine, locally produced.

Moreover, you can visit the fascinating beach of Spinazza, which represents a popular tourist destination in recent times. Among the activities and the events hosted by the city of Marzameni, we can include the Festival del Cinema di Frontiera, which has been held in the city since 2000.

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What to see in Marzameni

On the other side of the establishment of the tonnara of Marzameni, you can find the Palace of the Prince of Villadorata, that is considered the symbol of the Sicilian town.

Realized in sandstone on two floors, it has a terrace that dominates Piazza Regina Margherita. Built in compliance with the dictates of the Baroque style, it still preserves its charm.

If the Palace of the Prince of Villadorata is the centre of the tonnara, Piazza Regina Margherita is the beating heart of Marzameni.

Two churches, both named after San Francesco da Pola, and the ancient houses of the fishermen, today turned into vacation home, overlook the square.

Every night, Piazza Margherita turns into one of the most frequented place in the entire South-East Sicily thanks to its nightlife, in a triumph of emotions and fun.


In addition to being one of the most famous towns in Sicily, Marzameni is also a popular seaside resort.

Among the most beautiful beaches in Marzameni we absolutely must mention the beach of Spinazza, which is only a few steps from the city centre and reachable by foot.

A little over 1 km from Marzameni, you can find Baia del Cavettone, another small paradise for sea lovers.

North from Marzameni you can find some of the most famous beaches in Sicily. Going ahead towards North, thanks to the car rented in Marzameni, you can, indeed, get to Noto and admire the beaches of San Lorenzo, Vendicari, Calamosche, Marianelli and Eloro.