At the foot of the Iblei mountains lies the city of Modica, far from Ragusa just 15 km: it is known to all as la city ​​of chocolate, but also of the "100 churches", before most of these were destroyed by the devastating earthquake of 1693.

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What to see in Modica

Modica has a lot to offer from the historical-archistic point of view, a unique heritage protected by UNESCO.

Modica is a riot of labyrinthine streets, late Baroque architecture and houses built one on top of the other: there are many stairways that connect the lower city with the upper one that flows into the remains of the castle medieval, of which only the external walls, the prisons and the symbolic remain clock tower, still working today.

Among the most beautiful noble buildings of Modica, to be reported are Tommasi-Rosso Palace with baroque masks to decorate the facades, e Rubino Palace where bewitching female sculptures alternate with other caricatures with a dark grin.

A visit to the Chocolate Museum, where works of art made of that chocolate that is cold worked in Modica are exhibited, according to a recipe of Aztec origin.

Do not forget that it was born in Modica Salvatore Quasimodo, whose birthplace has become an important today museum rich in manuscripts and documents related to this Nobel Prize for literature.

The churches of Modica

- the church of San Giorgio, although rebuilt after the numerous seismic events that occurred in the past, it is a true baroque jewel and is accessed by climbing 250 steps: the interior, in addition to the floor sundial, houses the treasure of the church including the Holy Ark inside which there are the relics of St. George.

Equally beautiful is then the Church of Carmine, built in the gothic-clear-montana style: the Gothic portal stands out on the façade, surmounted by a rose window made up of twelve rays.

Then there is the church of San Pietro, also referred to as the Cathedral of Modica low: you enter the church by going over a long staircase decorated with the statues of the twelve Apostles. Once inside you will be amazed by the frescoed vaults, but above all by the gold and blue decorations.

Not far from the church is the Monument Square which, on Easter day, becomes the scene of the evocative celebration of the “Madonna vasa vasa” rite: on this occasion the statues of the risen Christ and the Virgin Mary meet, amid the applause and emotion of the faithful.

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A few kilometers from Modica, there are other splendid jewels, characterized by the Baroque style. Among these, it deserves a special mention scicli, with its beautiful buildings: Palazzo Spadaro, which can be visited inside, Palazzo Fava, with the winged griffins facing the St. Bartholomew's Church, Palace Benevento where two eye-catching Moorish heads, a St. Joseph and several human caricature figures stand out.

No less intriguing it is Ragusa Ibla, with its narrow alleys and characteristic steep stairways; all this is the background to the houses lying one on top of the other, with sloping roofs and tiles of many colors.

La dome of San Giorgio it is a masterpiece in terms of elegance and majesty, while the baroque-style palaces feature stone monsters with frightening grimaces guarding the entrance doors.