Palermo-Punta Raisi Airport is the second airport in Sicily region for passenger traffic. In the last year, it has registered an increase of 16% in the commercial traffic, exceeding the 5 million passengers, witnessing as the recent works at Palermo Airport paid off.

The airport of the Sicilian chief town is named after the memory of the magistrates Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino. It is about 30 km far from Palermo city centre. Thanks to the car rental service at Palermo Airport offered by Acarent, you will have the opportunity to set off to the Palermo marvels.

What to see in Palermo: Cathedral, Martorana and Norman Palace

Palermo has known, during its history, the domination by Romans, Greeks, Arabians and Normans. The main tourist attractions of the chief town of Palermo tell the tourists of today the glorious past of the city.

The Cathedral of Palermo was originally conceived as a Christian Basilica, to be turned, later, into a mosque in the IX century, and again it saw the return to the Christian worship during the Norman reign in the second half of XI century. The church Martorana (or Martorana) is a masterpiece of the Arabian-Norman art, built in the XII century, within which Byzantine mosaics of inestimable value are preserved.

Another symbol of the fascinating history of Palermo is the Norman Palace. The palace was built by the Arabians in the IX century and then was transformed by the Normans at their arrival. From the Post-War on, the Norman Palace has hosted the Regional Assembly of Sicily.

Palermo among culture, markets and sea

Not everybody knows that Palermo hosts the third biggest Opera House in Europe. We are talking about Teatro Massimo, built in Neoclassical style, after the Opera House of Paris and the famous Staatsoper of Vienna.

Famous in the whole Italy, the local markets of Palermo describe the true essence of the inhabitants of Palermo, among scents and colours melting through the alleyways of the districts. The most famous ones are the markets of BallarĂ² and Vucciria. The first one inspired also a successful TV show.

The beaches of Palermo

Palermo is also sea. The most famous beach is Mondello, which is only 10 km from the city centre and you can reach it thanks to a car rented at Palermo Airport. The other most beautiful beaches of the Sicilian chief town are Sferracavallo and Crucicchia.

Isola delle Femmine deserves a special mention; its beaches are among the most loved in the whole Sicily region. The diving and snorkelling lovers will find their paradise at the cliff Addaura.

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