The municipality of Pozzallo is characterised by a plain zone and a lower hill-slope zone, which is 45 km far from the city of Ragusa and is enclosed between Modica and Ispica; it is, indeed, a very small village in the province. allows you, with its service, to get a rented car in Pozzallo Porto. Enjoy your Sicilian vacation!

Pozzallo Porto: the history

The most ancient texts that tell us the presence of humans in this land are in the districts of Bellamagna, Carpintera and Cozzo Rao; in these places, indeed, tombs dating back to the Early Bronze Age, between 2200 and 1450 B.C., have been found. The famous necropolis of Bellamagna is the most known one among the three sites; the other two are, instead, are more lacking sites.

The district of Porrello is, instead, a few kilometres from Pozzallo and is a late antique necropolis. Moreover, in 1908, in a land that belonged to the Marquis Corrado Tedeschi, a recipient with 600 coins of the Roman age was found.

A necropolis formed by two hypogea is also attributed to the late antiquity; findings dating back to the IV century A.D. have been found; they came from the city centre. They also found medieval findings dating back to the XII century, that were probably, objects used in the ovens.

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What to see in Pozzallo Porto

The strength of Pozzallo has always been the maritime activity, as many factors can demonstrate. Mainly, this municipality is the second sunniest one in the whole Italy; the monument that is the symbol of the city is Torre Cabrera.

Built under the Aragon dominion, the tower was very important to spot the sailing ships of the pirates haunting the surrounding waters; this structure, immense and squared, was really important for the municipality; dating back to the early XV century, it hosted also the main guns in the town. In close proximity to it, the first village, inhabited by fishermen and soldiers, was born a few years later.

The tower was built mainly to defend the important Caricatore, a XV century set of warehouses located right on the coast, equipped with the structures that allowed the loading and unloading of all the goods from the ships. Naturally, the harbour, which is divided into two basins collecting hundreds of seats to moor the boats, is essential for Pozzallo.

This is the most important harbour in the province of Ragusa, but also in the whole Sicily; it is used to connect the region to Malta and to Northern Africa, creating a true modern commercial route.

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