Set in the heart of the Val di Noto, Ragusa it is a Sicilian jewel rich in natural and architectural beauties, so much so that it has been declared UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2002; we are speaking, in fact, of a city full of ancient churches, historical works of art and magnificent palaces.

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What to see in Ragusa

Ragusa is commonly called "The city of bridges", due to the large presence of such structures, particularly characteristic for the area. The latter give the municipality a traditionally ancient and historical aspect, making it a city of great value.

La birth of Ragusa it dates back to the Neolithic period, in fact the city has always played an important role in the history of the island; legends are often linked to it about the Sicilian king who founded the first inhabited center of the island, after having expelled the Sicans from the place.

The long and characteristic history of Ragusa is linked to several symbols, such as lizard, the ancient coat of arms of the Iblea population. Another symbol linked to the history of Ragusa is thebee which represents the well known Hyblean honey; the bees, in fact, were depicted around the head of a woman who represented the effigy symbol of the city.

When the Normans, the symbol of the city became aeagle, which identified the undisputed power of the latter.

Other places to visit

During a holiday in Ragusa you cannot absolutely miss some of the typical beauties of the place, which add harmony and value to the destination. Among the places of interest to visit is certainly its historic center, characterized by the Baroque style and ancient architecture, so much so that it has been declared UNESCO heritage. The city was hit by a disaster earthquake in 1693, following which it was rebuilt, thus giving it new life.

Most of the beauties of Ragusa are in the Baroque style, clear examples are there Cathedral of St. John the Baptist and some eighteenth-century palaces. Another place not to be missed if you are on holiday in Ragusa is the Neighborhood Ibla, famous for its late Baroque architecture which gives it an aura of antiquity and inimitable splendor.