With its incredible historical heritage and its charming old town, SIRACUSA à the Sicilian city of wonders!

Among Greek theaters, Roman ruins, Norman castles and Gothic and Byzantine churches, Syracuse is certainly one of the most interesting cities in Sicily.

It was considered one of the most populated cities of antiquity, while today it is an important tourist center. Due to its millenary history, Syracuse is today very rich in archaeological finds, but also in testimonies of Baroque art.

What to see in Syracuse

The first thing that strikes when arriving in Syracuse is its unique composition: a city divided between the mainland and theOrtigia island, to which it is linked by a bridge.

The island of Ortigia is none other than the ancient historical center of Syracuse, a suggestive place with high tuff cliffs and sea views, where the testimonies of Greek and Roman civilization, such as the temple of Apollo and Arethusa source, coexist with the Baroque buildings and the Castle of Maniace.

The historical testimonies of Syracuse

One cannot fail to mention the Archaeological Park of Neapolis, which includes all the Greek-Roman archaeological beauties in a single tour.

The tour continues with a visit to the Basilica of San Nicoló dei Cordari, built in the XNUMXth century on a Roman swimming pool; immediately after you can admire theAnfiteatro Romano, dating back to the third century BC, certainly one of the largest amphitheaters of late Roman times.

Later you will be able to appreciate the Greek Theatre, built between 238 and 215 BC It has a particular feature: its panoramic view, which offers a view of the port and the island of Ortigia.

In conclusion, theEar of Dionysius and Sanctuary of Apollo Temenite.

But Syracuse is not only monumental and architectural beauties, in fact its coasts are perhaps among the most beautiful on the island.

What to see with a rental car in the Province of Syracuse

Starting from Syracuse, you can head south and visit the Peninsula of the Maddalena e the island of Ognina. Here the coast is mostly rocky; the backdrops they are particularly interesting and are an ideal destination for those who love to do snorkeling o diving underwater.

Continuing a few kilometers further south in the direction of Noto, is located the Gallina beach, within a protected reserve, and the beach of White Fountains. These two tourist resorts are known and much appreciated, above all for their long beaches of fine sand and shallow and clear waters.

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For a cultural trip and worldly, in a few minutes, heading north with yours car hire from Syracuse, I linger to visit the beautiful Catania: city of historical charm and with a great one gastronomic tradition. There is no better place to try the tasty almond paste desserts and local specialties.

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