La Sicilia is one of the most beautiful regions of Southern Italy, which can be visited throughout the year but, clearly, the highlight for the religious tourism, fun and whatever else is the summer.

Once you arrive in the Sicilian town, you can choose the service of car hire in Fontane Bianche (it is only 15 km from Syracuse) and appreciate its wonders.

Its name is inspired by the sand white 4 kilometers long and from springs of fresh water found on the seabed.

La Fontane Bianche beach it has a transparent sea and you can find both stretches of free beach that different lidi equipped with deck chairs, umbrellas, canoes, pedal boats, bars and other services.

It is considered an ideal place to enjoy the sea, go fishing and be tempted by the excellent local cuisine.

What to see in Fontane Bianche

Fontane Bianche is well connected and is close to several sites of interest such as the Cassibile Nature Reserve, a natural area rich in vegetation where one of the major rivers of the south-eastern Sicilian territory passes (the Cassibile river) which, over the millennia, has formed small lakes (Laghetti di Avola) ideal for a nice bath in a natural and heavenly climate. Furthermore, let's not forget that the armistice was signed in Cassibile in 1943;

Or again you can go there, thanks to thecar hire in Fontane Bianche, in the site UNESCO of Pantalica, where there are the necropolis and the remains of the villages of the ancient inhabitants of Sicily;

For lovers of nature and history, a must-see stop is The Vendicari Reserve, that is an uncontaminated reserve that preserves inside the remains of the ancient world, starting with the Greeks, passing through the Byzantine era and the Middle Ages, ending up to the present day;

For those who love the sea and nightlife, the path must continue towards Calamosche beach e Marzamemi (nightlife haunt).

Other places to see nearby

With your own car hire in Fontane Bianche booked thanks to the service offered by Acarent, you can discover the surroundings of the Sicilian town.

How not to mention the splendid Island of Ortigia, characteristic for its narrow streets full of clubs and shops and for its spectacular baroque architecture. Also, here you can visit the Cathedral of Santa Lucia and Maniace Castle, But also the Temple of Apollo and in the small central square you can find the fountain dedicated to the goddess Diana.

Or you can head towards SIRACUSA, which we can define as a Greece in miniature; in fact, here we find again the Roman Amphitheater, Greek Theatre, Latomie del XNUMX. Paradiso, the Ear of Dionysus, via dei Sepolcri.

And if you want to travel through time, myth, history and culture, you have to visit the Archaeological Park of the Neapolis of Syracuse.