Located 20 km from Ragusa, Marina di Ragusa It is one of seaside resorts most renowned in the area thanks to its beaches from the very fine sand and a crystalline sea from the shallow water; particularly suitable for families, but also the beating heart of summer nightlife.

Once you arrive, you can choose the service of car rental in Marina di Ragusa, to discover the wonders of the place and beyond.

Ready? Come and discover Marina di Ragusa.

What to see in Marina di Ragusa

Marina di Ragusa is a small fraction of Ragusa, located in the south-east of Sicilia, and tourism is its main source of livelihood, so much so that, in 2009, the small town was awarded the Blue Flag by the Fee, confirming the assignment also the following year.

The coast is full of wide beaches with very fine sand and is characterized by shallow waters, ideal for the little ones.

If you take a tour of Marina di Ragusa you can find many sites of interest, such as the Tower Cabrera located south of the main square of the Old Town and overlooking the Promenade Andrea Doria.

To the north, instead, of the central square stands the Church of Santa Maria Portosalvo and a few kilometers from Marina di Ragusa there is the Archaeological Museum of Camarina in which vases, statues and bronze objects recovered from commercial wreck ships are preserved.

The surroundings of Marina di Ragusa

Having available a rental car in Marina di Ragusa, booked on Acarent.it, do not miss the opportunity to admire the surroundings as well, for example Santa Croce Camerina, Donnalucata and the famous Punta Secca, made famous by the fiction “Il commissario Montalbano”; the beach of this seaside stretch extends to the port, which has existed since the Byzantine era and recently renovated.

Finally, in a couple of hours by car, you can reach the Valley of the Temples (near Agrigento) or do trekking on 'Etna and also appreciate the wonders of Catania.