Car rental Tirana airport

The airport of Tirana is located in the homonymous Albanian city and allows you to visit wonderful places by organizing an itinerary that is able to surprise and gain. Ancient castles from the medieval era, mosques, Catholic churches, and civil architectures make you think of a high-quality stay.

The international airport of Tirana, named and dedicated in memory of the Albanian saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta, is a facility that manages connections with all major European and global cities. Various services are available, including car rental at Tirana Airport, and there is a single asphalt runway that is 2,746 meters long. On average, around 5 million travelers pass through this infrastructure every year. To better appreciate the many tourist attractions of the city, it is advisable, once landed, to pick up the rental car at the airport to move around autonomously and with full freedom.

Once you arrive, you can choose the car rental service at Tirana Airport to discover the wonders of the place and more.

Ready? Come and discover the wonders of Albania.

What to see in Tirana

Arrived in Tirana and after having put your luggage in the hotel where you stay, it’s time to leave with your itinerary on board the rented car.

The first stop concerns an important mosque built in the 17th century, located near the so-called Tanners’ Bridge within the Artisans and Leather Traders’ Quarter. The mosque dates back to the 17th century and features a distinct Ottoman architectural style.

In the city, there are many other mosques, including the Ethem Bey Mosque, whose construction was initiated in 1789 by a Turk and later completed by his son. It can accommodate ten thousand people and is also characterized by the nearby Clock Tower.

However, the most significant one is the Bejtyl Evel Mosque, if only for the fact that it was the first Ahmadiyya tradition mosque built in all of Albania. It features typical Muslim architectural forms and can accommodate up to 2,500 worshipers.

The churches and other monuments of Tirana

Tirana is a very religious city in which there are mosques, but also buildings of the Christian religion such as the Catholic Cathedral of St. Paul. It is a recent structure that was completed in 2001 and is characterized by an extraordinary stained glass window depicting both Pope John Paul II and Mother Teresa of Calcutta. The plan of this church was developed in a triangular shape. Quite different, however, is the Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ, which is the main Albanian Orthodox church. Its consecration took place in 2014, at the end of the works that delivered to the Christian community a structure in contemporary and neo-Byzantine style. Inside, one can admire a marvelous dome with the mosaic of Christ Pantocrator, while on the outside, there is a separate bell tower and a facade with particular shapes characterized by a mix of semicircles and rectangles.

Driving from north to south of the city of Tirana with the car obtained through the car rental service at Tirana Airport, you can appreciate the urban characteristics and the presence of important civil architectures such as the Clock Tower located in Scanderbeg Square. This tower now represents the symbol of the city and was built in 1821, then revised in 1928.

Other attractions in Tirana and its surroundings

For those who love history and culture, you can visit the Justinian Fortress in the immediate outskirts of Tirana. It is an ancient building dating back to the 6th century, constructed in a distinct Byzantine style that recalls the region’s past as an integral part of the Byzantine Empire. Unfortunately, not much remains of the fortress due to the violence perpetrated by the Turks during the period of occupation. The itinerary to explore the city can then continue for nature enthusiasts with an unmissable visit to the Artificial Lake Park, spanning an impressive 289 hectares. It also includes some very important architectural structures, such as the Church of St. Procopius, and most notably, the presidential palace.