Car rental Burgas Airport

The Bulgarian airport of Burgas is located in the town of Sarafovo and is effectively the chosen hub to reach this important tourist center situated on the Black Sea. Furthermore, in 2007, thanks to a movement of 16,114 flights and over 2 million transported passengers, it earned the title of the second airport in Bulgaria after the one in the capital, Sofia. The airport is particularly active during the summer season and allows connections to various European destinations, as well as Russia and Israel. However, during the remaining part of the year, the reachable destinations using Burgas Airport are only represented by Moscow and London. Now, without further delay, let’s embark on the discovery of Burgas and see why you should visit this location independently by choosing to pick up a car directly at the airport after pre-booking it with Acarent.

What to see in Burgas

Its strategic position is perfect for bringing together peoples from all over since the Bronze and Iron Ages. Numerous archaeological discoveries testify to this fact. Nowadays, tourists are attracted by the possibility of spending an unforgettable vacation. There are a great variety of attractions available for holidaymakers, and the mild climate throughout the year greatly facilitates visiting. Here, it is possible to engage in water sports or participate in various cultural activities by visiting a considerable number of museums. Not to mention the thermal spas available to visitors, among which Aquae Calidae stands out. In this regard, the Latin name of this place is only a reference to the Greek, Latin, and Ottoman dominations that have succeeded each other in this area over the millennia.

Among the countless attractions of Burgas, it is important not to forget about the Church of Saints Cyril and Methodius, which is the local cathedral and one of the major cultural monuments of the entire Orthodox Church. Furthermore, for those who wish to continue exploring places of worship, the Monastery of Saint Anastasia the Healer is a destination not to be missed.

The shopping streets, the pier, and the Burgas Lake

The central streets of Burgas are literally dotted with shops, restaurants, and cafes of all kinds. In this regard, the main street is represented by Via Alessandra, characterized and crowded with musicians and street artists capable of bringing smiles to both adults and children thanks to their unique performances. By staying in these areas, you can also visit the splendid Troykata Square, which, with its vibrant atmosphere, offers unique emotions to the citizens who come here to participate in numerous sports and cultural events. Moving away from the city’s central streets, a visit to the Pier is a must. It consists of a walkway that extends about 300 meters into the Black Sea. Moreover, this point of interest is the city’s quintessential symbol. Lastly, it is important to highlight how Burgas is surrounded by coastal lakes, the largest of which takes its name from the city itself. By visiting this unique place, you can admire extremely rare species of fish and a great variety of birds.