Car rental Casablanca – Nouacer Airport

Casablanca is an iconic city that is worth including in a travel itinerary, conveniently connected through Casablanca – Nouaceur Airport. From here, with a rental car, you can visit all the major tourist attractions.

Morocco is a fascinating country, rich in history and culture. It is worth including it in your travel itinerary to appreciate the beauty of different cities like Casablanca. To organize this experience perfectly from a logistical standpoint, it is essential to land at Casablanca – Nouaceur Airport, named after Muhammad V, who was the Sultan from 1927 to 1961. This airport is located 30 km south of the city, near the town of Nouaceur. It is the most important airport in the country and the fourth largest in the entire African continent, serving approximately 8.2 million passengers each year. It serves as a hub for numerous airlines connecting to destinations worldwide, including Air Arabia Maroc and Royal Air Maroc. Given the distance from the center of the main tourist city in Morocco, it is advisable to use the car rental service at Casablanca – Nouaceur Airport. You can pick up the pre-booked rental car from Acarent’s website and comfortably reach the city center. At this point, you can plan your itinerary to discover all the cultural and artistic beauties present in this charming city.

What to see in Casablanca

One of the first stops is the Hassan II Mosque. This religious building, of truly imposing dimensions, was built in 1993 thanks to an incredible work involving over 30,000 craftsmen. It features a minaret with 60 floors that reach a height of 210 meters. Inside, approximately 25,000 worshippers can pray, while in the adjacent courtyard, there is enough space for 80,000 people. After taking a look at this mosque, you can head towards the northern part of the city where the ancient Medina is located. It is a very fascinating area nestled between the harbor and the promenade, with numerous cafes, shops, and, above all, restaurants that allow you to savor some delicacies of Moroccan cuisine. In the Medina, the gates of the city walls are still clearly visible, along with the Clock Tower.

The Corniche and the Royal Palace

Car rental at Casablanca – Nouaceur Airport is the practical solution to fully explore a city like Moroccan, which spans a very large area. Continuing the tour, it is a must to visit the Royal Palace, even though it is not open to visitors. It is worth seeing because it is the current residence of the King of Morocco and his family. It perfectly embodies Moroccan architectural style and, more broadly, Islamic culture in building construction. Dating back to the 1920s, it has been enriched with exclusive Mediterranean gardens where you can admire not only unique plants but also orange groves and fountains that create beautiful water displays. Just outside the city, you’ll reach the area of La Corniche. Almost all tourists, especially national and international celebrities, stop in this part of the city characterized by a beach reminiscent of the Caribbean and numerous luxury bars and hotels to enjoy a splendid evening of entertainment.

Mohamed V Square

For the most romantic individuals, there is also the possibility of indulging in a long walk right in front of the ocean. However, the pulsating heart of the citizens of Casablanca is represented by Mohamed V Square. It is the social and economic center of the city, also because all the buildings have arcades under which there are cafes and shops of all kinds. It can be easily reached thanks to Casablanca – Nouaceur airport car rental, with the opportunity to relax while sipping some typical Moroccan drinks and perhaps buying some souvenirs to take home. In the center of the square, you can admire a splendid monumental fountain characterized by luminous water displays and Arabian music. As proof of the great charm of Casablanca, right in this area, there are ancient buildings in French colonial style that allow you to take a real journey back in time to the colonial period. In contrast, there is the more modern area of the city, Twin Center. Here, there are 5-star hotels, skyscrapers over 110 meters tall that offer a marvelous view. In short, the Moroccan city is a concentration of culture, tradition, and beauty.