Brindisi airport car rental

Brindisi airport , also known as the Salento Airport, is an Italian airport that serves the city of the same name and the entire Salento area. The military airport uses the same runways as the civil one and unlike the latter it is named after Orazio Pierozi, an aviator active during the Great War. The complex is located about 6 km from the city center and 35 km from Lecce. So, without dwelling excessively on the details of the airport, let’s go deeper into the beauties of Brindisi, discovering why it is an Italian destination not to be missed and why you can visit it independently by picking up a car directly at the airport after making the reservation through Acarent.

What to see in Brindisi

When the destination chosen for your trip is Brindisi, you cannot fail to start your visit starting from its oldest square, namely: Piazza Duomo . This place is one of the most fascinating in the whole city, both from a historical and architectural point of view. In this regard, it is important to underline how each building facing the square shows a predominantly Romanesque and medieval style, an essential sign of the origin of these buildings. However, the structure that deserves more attention is undoubtedly represented by the city Cathedral , also known as the Basilica della Visitazione. Its consecration took place in the distant 1089, but over the centuries the church has been rebuilt countless times.

A walk along the port area of ​​Brindisi will allow the visitor to admire what remains of two very ancient columns of Roman origin , built at the behest of the emperor Trajan with the aim of marking the end of the famous Appia Antica . This pair of columns are still a symbol of the city today, although there is only one left. The first unfortunately collapsed on itself in 1528 while the survivor was destroyed by aerial bombardments of the First World War and rebuilt only later.

In the surroundigs of Brindisi

The visit to the Brindisi area is full of surprises, and renting a car from Salento Airport presents an unmissable opportunity to explore the surroundings of Brindisi independently. One of the standout attractions is the picturesque town of Ostuni. Choosing this Puglian city as the main destination, Ostuni, also known as the “White City,” is a place that should not be missed. Among the must-see attractions in the White City, there are numerous museums, places of worship, the coastal dune park, the historic tobacco tannery, and the ancient Tower of San Lorenzo, a structure dating back to the time of the Saracens. Finally, by opting for a car rental service at Brindisi Airport, you can independently visit the splendid protected marine area of Torre Guaceto, located a short distance from the city center and considered one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Salento. However, it is important to note that this area is currently controlled by the harbor master’s office, which safeguards its integrity through a bathing ban applicable to all protected areas. Therefore, before diving in, it is advisable to verify the specific area to avoid possible penalties.