Car Rental in Italy

Italy is a country rich of beauty, history, traditions and varied cultures: each region boasts unique excellences, which deserve to be explored through an exciting road trip.

The best way to visit the marvellous art cities, the picturesque provincial villages, the sea, the mountains, and the gentle hills of the Bel Paese is to rent a car. In this way, you will be able to move around in complete freedom, optimizing the time required for travel.

You can book your retal car online thanks to the service offered by Acarent: upon your arrival, you can pick it up and start your journey to discover the wonders of Italy.

Southern Italy and the islands with a rental car

Our journey among the treasures of Italy begins from the south. Thanks to the efficient car rental service offered by Acarent, you will be able to have an unforgettable experience in one of the most welcoming and fascinating lands in the world. You can explore Sicily, the largest island in the Mediterranean, far and wide. Here, you will find marvelous beaches, magnificent architecture, and traces of an ancient and multicultural history. Not to be missed are Palermo, Siracusa, Trapani, Catania, Agrigento, just to mention a few of the Sicilian capitals.

Upon landing on the mainland, you can be captivated by the unspoiled landscapes of Calabria, where you can enjoy the beauty of both the sea and the mountains. As the birthplace of Magna Grecia, Calabria offers many sites of historical interest. Plan a visit to Crotone, Tropea, the Sila National Park, and the Pollino National Park.

Puglia, also known as the “Heel of Italy,” offers a variety of cultures and landscapes throughout its length. Starting from Salento, passing through the Itria Valley, and reaching Gargano and the Tavoliere delle Puglie, this region is sure to amaze you. Unmissable stops include Leuca, Lecce, Bari, Alberobello, and Vieste.

A special mention goes to Naples, a city famous worldwide for its beauty, culture, and cuisine. Thanks to the car rented with Acarent, you can also move around the outskirts of the city, the birthplace of pizza. You can visit the splendid Royal Palace of Caserta and explore the Amalfi Coast.

European Capital of Culture in 2019, Matera is a must-visit destination to include in your road trip through Southern Italy with a rental car. It is a timeless city with a historic center of unparalleled beauty.

Lastly, Sardegna: its beaches caressed by crystal-clear waters attract tourists from all over the world.

Rent a car and explore the capital and central Italy

Rome, the Eternal City, has an infinite number of beauties to show its visitors. Get on board your rental car with Acarent and let yourself be enchanted by the beauty of the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, and St. Peter’s Basilica. But also explore the surroundings in the wonderful region of Lazio.

Another fascinating region is Tuscany: you cannot miss a stop in Florence, the city of art par excellence, as well as Pisa and Siena.

Thanks to the rental car from Acarent, you can also visit Umbria, where you shouldn’t miss Assisi and the Marmore Waterfalls. And then there are the Marche region, with Urbino, Pesaro, Ancona, the Conero Riviera, and the Frasassi Caves.

Discovering Northern Italy with a rental car

Among the most popular tourist destinations in Italy, we must absolutely mention Venice, with its famous St. Mark’s Square, the Basilica, and the Doge’ Palace. Here, you can momentarily park your rental car with Acarent to treat yourself to a charming gondola ride along the city’s typical canals.

Also worth visiting are the romantic Verona, the city of Romeo and Juliet, and Trieste with its beautiful Miramare Castle.

If you’re looking for the sea, you can choose the Romagna Riviera, with Rimini and Riccione, or the wonderful and picturesque beaches of Liguria.

If you’re looking for mountains, the choices are endless: Cortina d’Ampezzo, the pearl of the Dolomites, Madonna di Campiglio, Livigno, the Valtellina, Courmayeur in the Aosta Valley, Carnia.

Vibrant and bustling cities, you cannot miss a stop in Milan, Turin, and Bologna to experience the cosmopolitan atmosphere of an always welcoming and dynamic Italy.