Car rental Marrakesh airport

The airport terminal in Marrakesh, internationally recognized by the code RAK, is located at a short distance from the city center. This facility is situated only 4 kilometers away from the city and features a modern design and it is constantly expanding to meet the needs imposed by ever-increasing tourist flows. Therefore, those who wish to avail themselves of car rental services at Marrakesh airport may find themselves bewildered by a wide range of options, which, however, may not guarantee finding the car that best suits their specific travel needs. Depending on the type of stay, distinct requirements may arise. Carefully planning the choice of car rental service before departure allows for saving time and money.The benefits of booking in advance with Acarent before heading to the Marrakesh airport car rental service go beyond the convenience and the saving of precious time. Despite Marrakesh offering a modern and internationally appealing tourist experience, some travelers prefer to gradually immerse themselves in the local culture. Knowing that a car has already been reserved and is available reduces uncertainty and, consequently, potential inconveniences that could start the journey off on the wrong foot.

What to see in Marrakesh

Among the jewels of Marrakesh, the brightest one is undoubtedly the pulsating heart of the city itself. It is called Jemaa el Fna, also known simply as “the Place.” This enormous open space comes to life 24 hours a day thanks to the presence of all kinds of stalls, making it the busiest square in all of Africa. From street artists to fortune tellers, from monkey trainers to sellers of aromatic herbs, this open-air market tells the story of the convergence of all the cultures that have contributed to shaping modern-day Morocco. At sunset, it is advisable to sip a delicious mint tea and enjoy the spectacle of the fiery sky as the lights of the stalls begin to illuminate. Venturing into the Medina, one can get lost among the various souks to discover the many local excellences, such as dried fruits, silverware, and typical leather slippers. In addition to enjoying the colors, sounds, scents, and flavors, it is important to remember the centrality of bargaining in commercial processes in Morocco for a truly authentic shopping experience.

Architectural beauties

As for the architectural jewels of the city, a must-visit stop is the Madrasa of Ali Ben Yousef. This now-disused Quranic school represents one of the finest examples of Arab-Andalusian art, thanks to its intricate marble decorations and mesmerizing geometric patterns. Other monuments to explore in the old part of the city include the Saadian Tombs, with the magnificent Hall of Twelve Columns, and the Bahia Palace, a classic example of traditional Moroccan architecture. For those who wish to venture beyond the old part of the city, Ville Nouvelle, the newer area, has not been negatively affected by the population growth it has experienced. On the contrary, it hides a true gem: Jardin Majorelle. The building takes its name from the French painter who moved to Morocco in the 1920s and created an internationally inspired botanical garden. Thanks to the patronage of French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent, Jardin Majorelle is now an unmissable attraction for visitors to Marrakesh.