Car rental in Albania

Albania is a fascinating country with many cities and tourist attractions that are a must-visit. To reach each destination on your itinerary and have a satisfying stay, it is advisable to use a rental car to be picked up at the airport.

The destinations to discover in Albania

There are many destinations to visit, so once you land at the airport, it is advisable to pick up the previously booked rental car from Having a private car at your disposal will allow for easier transportation without having to align with public transportation schedules.

The tour could start with the legendary Roman ruins of Apollonia. It is an archaeological site where you can still see structures dating back to both the Greek and Roman eras, such as the acropolis. In fact, this city was founded by the Greeks in 588 BC. There are various historical accounts that tell stories, halfway between myth and legend, including the time of King Perseus and the Roman civil wars between the opposing factions of Pompey the Great and Caesar.

Among the most beautiful places to visit in Albania is Kruja. It is a small city located in the high mountains, famous for being the birthplace of a true Albanian national hero who saved the population from the powerful conquerors of the Ottoman Empire. In this small Albanian town, there are several things to see, such as the castle and the ethnographic museum.

For those who want to appreciate the natural beauty and landscapes of Albania, it is advisable to visit Lake Ohrid, which is located in a protected UNESCO area. The reason is related to the presence of 17 species of aquatic animals in the lake and the purity of its crystal-clear waters.

Butrinto National Park and more

With your own car picked up at the airport through the car rental service, you can set off on another journey to reach Butrint National Park. It is a magical location located just across from the Greek island of Corfu, offering breathtaking views and various beauties, such as the numerous ecosystems present in the archaeological park. Scientists have estimated that there are 1,200 different species of animals and plants within this park. Additionally, you can take a splendid walk among the ruins of an old structure, likely dating back to the Roman and Byzantine eras.

The virtual tour continues by heading towards the city of Berat, also known as the “City of a Thousand Windows.” It is a UNESCO site that has gained fame for its numerous houses and residential buildings of various types developed in Ottoman style. In this city, there are many places worth visiting, such as the castle dating back to the 4th century AD. It is a clear example of Ottoman and Byzantine architecture. Among other locations is the Church of the Holy Trinity, dating back to the 13th century AD, where frescoes of great historical and cultural value are perfectly preserved. For all enthusiasts, there is the opportunity to explore the wine proposal with numerous wineries offering wine tastings to discover the quality of local products.

Exploring Albania by car

For those who love nature and want to immerse themselves in an untouched environment, the advice is to visit Lake Komani. Various excursions can be organized in a lake characterized by crystal-clear green water.

Next, you can conclude the journey in Albania by heading towards the capital city of Tirana, which not only represents Albanian tradition in the best way but is also a vibrant center. There are numerous mosques and modern churches. There is no shortage of attractions for younger people who want to have fun and savor the quality of local food at the many establishments available.