Car rental Varna airport

Built at the beginning of the 20th century, the Bulgarian airport of Varna represents the third most important airport in the country after the ones in the capital Sofia and Burgas. This statistical data highlights the significance that the city of Varna has acquired over time due to its tourist attraction. It is no wonder that since 2015, passenger traffic has been increasing, making this airport a source of attraction for a flow of tourists who choose Bulgaria as their holyday destination. Given the strong tourist attraction, it is advisable to use the car rental service offered by Acarent before departing. In this way, upon arrival, one can conveniently pick up their car and begin their holiday smoothly.

What to see in Varna

This wonderful Bulgarian city of Greek origin offers a multitude of attractions consisting of museums and monuments that fit into a dynamic society where tourism represents the main source of income for the city’s economy. Given these aspects, if you intend to spend a holiday full of culture, leisure, and relaxation, choosing to visit this city is a great idea. In fact, once you arrive in the city, tourist attractions are abundant: from resorts to numerous monuments, and the splendid naval museum, you are spoiled for choice. That’s why having a rental car is the best choice for comfortably visiting the city’s main tourist attractions. Varna is located about 20 minutes from the airport, and upon arrival, you will quickly understand that besides tourism, the activity that sustains the economy is the maritime industry. In fact, together with the city of Devnya, it forms the industrial district hosting some of Bulgaria’s most renowned chemical, electronic, and manufacturing plants. In addition to industrial and tourist activities, Varna can boast of hosting some of the most important university campuses that make this city a reference point in the field of quality education and training. It is no coincidence that the urban area has a lively presence of students who animate the city on weekends.

Between monuments and attractions

During the summer months, Varna is besieged by a tourist influx from all over Europe who appreciate its geographical location (the city overlooks the Black Sea) and its historical and cultural heritage, traces of which are visible through the presence of magnificent monuments. Among these, the archaeological museum stands out, which is visited by millions of tourists every year. The main attraction is the opportunity to retrace the deeds (and history) of the fishing community that inhabited Varna between the late 1800s and the early 1900s.

In addition to the museum, the city boasts other important attractions: the Cathedral of the Virgin, the Necropolis, the Aladzha Monastery, and the astronomical observatory. Among these attractions, the Roman baths (located in the southern part of the city) are worth mentioning. They were designed by Roman engineers during the 2nd century AD and are counted among the four largest (Roman) baths in Europe. They are quite extensive, allowing tourists to fully appreciate their magnificent architecture. It’s no wonder that these baths are the largest in the Balkans. Just outside the city, it is easy to reach the Golden Sands resort with a rental car. The resort complex consists of numerous apartments, thermal centers, restaurants, and casinos.