Pozzallo in Sicily, an awesome island with beautiful and unique archaeological findings. A good starting point to visit it could be right Pozzallo, one of the most beautiful seaside resorts of the province of Ragusa.

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What to see in Pozzallo

Pozzallo is a very ancient city in Sicily, enclosed within Ragusa, Modica and Ispica. These lands have been inhabited since time immemorial; they, indeed, preserve interesting historical treasures, such as artefacts dating back to the Roman and Byzantine ages, and, specifically, coins belonging to two different centuries: 72 and 250 A.D.

During that period, the ships crossing those seas used to get their freshwater supplies from the wells on the coast of Pozzallo, and it is right from its wells that the village took its name: Pozzallo means precisely “well at seaside”.

After the Saracen domination, Pozzallo was conquered by the Arabians, becoming one of the most important hubs where the galleys equipped to burn the other ships got supplies.

The most recent history of Pozzallo starts from the times of Manfredi Chiaramonte when the construction of the Caricatore, warehouses equipped with piers to allow loading and unloading of goods from the ships, started.

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What to see in Pozzallo and in the surroundings

Visiting Pozzallo, the defensive tower erected to protect the town from the pirates, built under the Count Bernardo Cabrera and later turned into a private tower used to protect the Sicilian coasts, cannot be passed over.

During a visit in Pozzallo, you cannot miss a visit to two very important places in the city: the Mother Church and the typical Town Hall. Behind the defensive tower, in Piazza Rimembranza, Palazzo Musso, framed by liberty elements, was built in 1926.

Starting from the square and going ahead along Corso Vittorio Veneto, you will get to the sea promenade, which ends with a big harbour. The beach called Pietrenere is the ideal to spend a day at the sea in complete relax, under the shadow of a palm. Villa Tedeschi, dating back to the late XIX century, famous for its beauty, surely deserves at least a fast visit.

Around the city, some salted ponds have been reclaimed and are used by the birds to refresh themselves during a long journey towards Africa in the migratory period; in these places, birdwatching lovers can find a true paradise for their passion.

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