THEPio la Torre di Comiso airport it is found at 15 km da Ragusa and is used by both provinces - Comiso and Ragusa - as the main airport. Born as a military airport, it was converted to general use years later, exactly on May 30, 2013.

From Comiso Airport, you can easily reach both Comiso and Ragusa: just drive along the provincial road 30 and then the SS 514 and the SS 515. From here, take the exit at via Ettore Fieramosca.

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Ragusa: a fascinating city

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Ragusa it is a city with ancient origins; today it is located about 500 meters from the main center where its eighteenth-century tutor, Ibla, stood; this city was already present in the Sicilian age, as evidenced by the tombs in the Gonfalone Valley and by the finds found in the archaeological Museum. Ibla has been occupied for a long time by the Greeks, who call it Hybla Heraia; they were replaced by the Romans, who transformed the name into Heresium.

During the Norman age the city had a great development, so much so that it became a county with d'Altavilla, son of Ruggero I. In the distant 1693 following a strong earthquake Ragusa was destroyed, later it was rebuilt creating two distinct municipalities Ragusa and Ibla . Finally, in 1926, they were unified, forming the current city of Ragusa and becoming provincial capital.

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The city of Ragusa, strong in its history, contains in the territory a series of palaces and churches that give the city a unique aspect, giving the capital a considerable beauty, especially in the area where Ibla stood in the past.

On all the monuments the Church of St. George, a work created by Rosario Gagliardi, certainly one of the most beautiful examples of the Baroque period in Sicily. The town of Ragusa for many centuries has been linked to the agricultural activities of the island, clear examples are the farms and the use of the geometric network of dry stone walls of the Hyblean plateau.

Thanks to the service of car hire at Ragusa-Comiso airport, you will be able to appreciate splendid coastal landscapes. A few km from the city center, in fact, you can reach Marina di Ragusa, which has its charm in its promenade bordered by tall palm trees, long stretches of beach and a fabulous sea where you can relax.

For history lovers, an unmissable stop is the Archaeological Park of Iblea, where prehistoric traces and all the peoples who inhabited these areas are still evident.

Finally, the Pino d'Aleppo Nature Reserve And that of Irminio River, are unique places for nature lovers.

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